Rodolfo Musco 

Rodolfo Musco, CMM, CMP

 Dr. Rodolfo Musco graduated in Business Administration and for 13 years has been responsible for strategic marketing in  multinational companies. Since 1977 he has been fully dedicated to motivation and communication through meetings. Dr.  Musco has managed over 500 incentive campaigns and over  950 meetings/incentive travels in five continents. Dr. Musco is  past president of MPI – Italia Chapter and past president of SITE – Chapter Italy. He is professor of Marketing Management  and gives lectures in four continents.

Nina Artemieva 


 Ing. Nina Artemieva

 Partner and Operations Manager of Motivation&Events. 10 years of experience on the client side. Former Marketing  Communication Unit Manager of an intermational corporation, has built relevant experience in organizing all types of  corporate events. 

Simonetta Canti 


 Dr. Simonetta Canti

 Dr. Simonetta Canti holds a degree in Political Sciences. She conducted researches in Sociology and dynamics related to  meetings. As a project manager, Dr. Canti plans and manages corporate conventions, motivation and incentive travel  programs for corporations in automotive, consumer electronics, pharmaceutical and food industries. Dr. Canti is co-author of  Meeting Planner: a Professional Between Sociology and Marketing. 

Marcello Musco 


 Dr. Marcello Musco, Ph.D.

  Dr. Marcello Musco is a former human resources manager of state owned companies. He trains public administrators and  teaches in post graduate courses for managers. Dr. Musco is responsible for training and human resources development as  associate of Motivation&Events.



Giancarlo Caironi 

 Giancarlo Caironi

 Giancarlo Caironi attended the most important Italian school of advertising graphics. He managed the branding of UPIM –  Rinascente. For eight years he supervised the integrated image of B&B before starting Graphline. Caironi is responsible for  global advertising campaigns of many companies. He is an associate of Motivation & Events with responsibilities as art  director.


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