Meeting management is a profession and all the skills of the professionals should be verified and officially certified in order to let clients be sure that they are having best services related to their objectives.

Many technicians and professionals concur to realize meetings or events. In order to make the communication effective among them and the meeting managers during any type of projects it is basic to have a common language.

Nowadays there are two professional certifications in the meetings industry: CMP and CMM. Both of them are “international” and require to pass tests in English. More of it, all of them are related only to “meeting managers”. But what about technicians, caterers, venue managers, etc.?

The multi-level “meeting chain” certification is targeted to:

  • All those who operate mainly to produce meetings of any typology
  • CVB managers and meeting venue managers
  • Those who want to implement the competency of their staff for segments included in the “meeting chain”
  • Destination managers
  • Those who teach or are willing to teach subjects linked to the meeting industry.

This project – produced by Rodolfo Musco who is its “content owner” - introduces the certification of many professionals and technicians who co-operate with the meeting manager in producing meetings & events.

All the specialists could be certified by passing a test sized for each professional or technical specialization. Education and testing will be in the native language.

In each country a national body will be contracted to promote the multi-level certifications, to coordinate education and exams, and to keep the official register of the certified professionals, specialists and technicians.

MPI (Meeting Professionals International) Italia chapter will keep the certifications for Italy, and has been recognized as a certificatory body by the Italian Minister of Professional Development.

Certification levels:

 1st level  
M. Meeting Manager or “Meeting architects” - can only pursue a professional “certification” exactly as the CIC’s CMP, but in the native language. Those who pass the exams are credited with the - CMP, plus the initials of the nation, such as,,, etc..
 2st level  


Specialists who contribute significantly to the production of a meeting: conference assistants, caterers, A/V producers, conference venues managers, congress promoters. Those who pass the test will hold a national Certified Meeting Supplier certification (

3rd level  

Technishians who contribute partially to the production of meetings (Light/sound technicians, choreographers/scenographers, guides, team builders, security, transport technicians). Those who pass the test will hold a national Certified Meeting Technician certification (

Candidates – after the verification of their eligibility – will register and pay a fee that is different for each level of desired “certification”.

Once registered, each candidate will receive a personal code that may be used to access to the chapters of the web manual related to her/his “certification”, and they have two years’ time to take or retake the test.

Tests will be organized in a location easily accessible by candidates of each single session.

The national association (foe example - MPI Italia chapter in Italy) sends the certificates to candidates who pass the test and registers their data in the official file.

Certified professionals, suppliers or technicians will be authorized to use the certification logo for ethical and business purposes.

National certified professionals will be encouraged to get international certification (CMP, CMM)

This project will contribute to define the borders of the meeting industry, highlight its value and easy the network among all the operators.

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