Meetings and Conferences

We, in Motivation & Events, are sure that meetings/conferences are the most important mean of communication to:

1) contribute to the development of companies, associations, and society in a very wide sense
2) allow the achievement of  important results, not only for the initiator, but also for the participants and a myriad of stakeholders

We are perfectly aware that everyone attending a meeting/convention has “a need to communicate” and that in meetings “everything communicates from the first announcement on”. This is why we organize and manage the “language”, the “space” and the “movement” in a way that everyone involved in the conference gets the maximum benefit out of it.

Which type of conference are we talking about? Corporate events, of course, from the convention to teambuilding, from a kick-off to a directors’ board meeting. But we do not disdain association or institutional meetings.

Do we know our profession well? Take a look at the articles and books written by Rodolfo Musco, his international lectures, his wide recognition from all over the world and his international certifications.

We have also developed “models” (copyright), especially for corporate meetings (see ©CDP, ©Exchange Meeting, ©AIR).

Incentive Travel and other types of rewards

For us, “incentive” is a prize promised to those who achieve results in a motivation campaign. Prizes can be objects, bonuses, travels and more. 
The incentive is crucial to the process of stimulation (“to excite”, “to enliven”, “to motivate”, “to involve”, “to push toward a result”, etc.)

The reward of an Incentive program works on four levels:
1) it creates “tuning” with the source of communication

2) it leads to taking into consideration the company’s proposition
3) it reminds the objectives to achieve during the program, and
4) it is a way to say “thanks” for having achieved the objectives.

An incentive travel is particularly adapt to satisfy these needs, given that it becomes a unique and unrepeatable experience

For the success of an incentive travel we don’t limit ourselves to the choice of the destination, but:

  • we study the program in accordance with the characteristics and the motivations of the participants
  • we add the right ingredients in order to satisfy these motivations respecting the different psychological domains (which are always present in each group)
  • we manage the communication before, during and after the trip in order to expand its effects
  • we take up any occasion which allows us to strengthen the team and the sense of togetherness.
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