Motive: "A recurrent concern for a goal state, or condition, appearing in fantasy, which drives, direct and select behaivour of the individual" McClelland, D.C. Assessing human motivation

We believe that motivation:

1) Is relates to the subconscious, and is different from person to person

2) Can significantly increase the productivity of human resources

3) Is a process that takes time to grow

4) Is a subject for specialist, which has several parallels with that of physicians.

For those reasons we have developed a methodology in eight stages to apply to our motivation campaigns:

1) Anamnesis: the study of the "previous", the company style, the "history" of the company, the markets in which it operates, the analysis of the attitudes and expectations of the group to be encouraged to focus on the objectives specific to the enterprise

2) Hypothesis, namely "the technical form": the search for possible solutions to solve the problem and achieve goals

3) Diagnosis, or "congruence": the hypothesis elaborated must be subjected to a fierce critical to ensure congruence between design, corporate styles, and culture of the group and other actions taken by the company

4) Prognosis, or "plan": to produce the operation plan of the incentive campaign, to define the critical path and timing of promotional messages

5) Intervention, or "launch": the best way to launch an incentive campaign is to bring together participants and motivate them to action through a clever mix between global group communications and technical pushing to emulation

6) Therapy, or "action": in this period, which can last several months, it is necessary to develop the "chronicle", through a series of messages to inform each participant on its position, pointing out targets and incentives

7) Checkup, or "auditing": this phase is developed simultaneously with the previous one and is designed to collect and analyze the changes in the productive behavior of the participants, and progress toward goals

8) Recall, or "monitoring": by constantly checking the current program development, it is possible to active minor course changes necessary to optimize the "total" gain of the initiative.

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