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Foreign PCO vs local DMC

At present, all industry associations claim to support professional ethics, but in case of adispute there are no parameters for reaching the verdicts of arbitration. The aim of this series of case histories is to identify benchmarks for the profession and permit the crossover from theoretical statements to concrete application of Ethics.

by Rodolfo Musco, CMP, CMM

The phone rings. A colleague – a meeting professional based in Central Europe – sounds frustrated and anxious.

“I am losing a very important client of mine because of a very negative experience that happened during an event in South Europe. You are a veteran in our industry, and I do hope that you will agree to give me advice on how to solve this problem. Time is a critical factor, and a legal international dispute can take months and years, as well as a lot of money”.

“As a member of one of the Associations of the Convention Industry Council, you can utilize the services of the alternative dispute resolution group”.

“It takes time and money as well”.

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news AmandaEventzPresident of Motivation&Events Rodolfo Musco recently facilitated a fruitful retreat of AmandaeventZ managers at Villa Il Noceto, a typical Tuscan path, 500 meters away from the nearby village Montalcinello, immersed in the wonderful countryside.
AmandaeventZ is an agency with offices in Milano, Venice, Florence and Rome specialized as a DMC to interface national and international clients needing to place meetings and events in Italy.The feedbacks from participants are sincere and a flattering:
“Now that we got back, we realize that all the ideas and information you have given will be useful both in interpersonal relationships and in working activities. Between us we have cemented good relationship and there is a nice atmosphere of cooperation. Hopefully we will put to good use of your teachings and experiences!”

“Thank you for the time you dedicated to us. You gave me a lot of inputs that now I am turning into new approaches to customers”.
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